Aftermath of Katrina


As I sipped a cocktail in the air conditioned lounge of the country club after a relaxing round of golf, my thoughts drifted to the plight of the Katrina evacuees.  Guilt, even shame, crept over me.


Had my home been in New Orleans, I could be in a shelter somewhere in Texas, arranging all my worldly goods on a towel beneath a cot.  A toothbrush, perhaps some soap, and maybe even a disposable razor are set out on the towel.  I would be mindful that if I left these items open to view, others might be tempted to take them for their own.  I would fold the towel over those precious belongings for security. 


Life has reached a focal point where my main thought is to hang on to that toothbrush.  What tomorrow brings has no meaning today, because the problems of today are all-consuming.  Perhaps there will be some food, and, with luck, a shower.


Please contribute generously to the organization of your choice.  We cannot leave any more for dead than have been left already.  On-line contributions may be conveniently made at the following links.