Baptism by Fire:  Big Bill and the Preacher


Judges Folsom and Capehart were recently working out at the college as they do regularly with my brother-in-law, Bill.  Somehow or other, Jeff Shreve, pastor of the First Baptist Church, showed up in the mix, arriving before Bill. 


The judges were going to introduce Bill to Brother Jeff, but Big Bill got off to an early rant of expletives that prevented the introduction.  His discourse continued from the opening God Damn, to the full gamut including, but not limited to, the popular m-f-word.


After Brother Shreve left (presumably at his earliest convenience), Folsom advised that he had intended to introduce Bill to his Mom's and Sister's preacher, but didn't get an appropriate opportunity.  Folsom was laughing out loud. 


Mary Lynn, upon hearing of the episode, did NOT laugh out loud.


Mom and Sis are planning remedial Bible studies for the lost one