December 18, 2009


As a blanket of snow fell upon the global warming conference in Copenhagen, attendees are deadlocked after two weeks of wrangling. Under the guise of lowering the emission of greenhouse gases, the crux appears to be to redistribute the wealth of rich nations to the third world. They just can't decide how to do it, so until every poor country in the world secures their slice of the pie, the talks are stalled. The po' folks considered cooking their own pie, but the thought of building a fire to do so is contrary to the goals of the conference.

Demonstrators from all over the world are raising hell in the streets under a cloud of tear gas, the emission of which is surely detrimental to the environment.

Meanwhile the haggling continues in an air of extreme urgency over a hypothesis that remains questioned, tainted, and unproven. 

December 9,2009


Blizzard warnings are in effect for Utah, Nevada, Colorado, and Arizona. Wind-driven snow drifts are accumulating in depths as high as 15 feet. The Midwest is getting a heavy pre-winter snowfall, and the Northeast is bracing for heavy accumulations.Houston and parts of the gulf coast experienced rare snowfall less than a week ago.

Perhaps it is just coincidence, what with the Climate Change Conference going on in Denmark, but online, the New York Times, The Washington Post, and USA Today have failed to mention the early storm which will grip two-thirds of the nation by week's end.

Am I paranoid, or is the media taking a day off from national news?

Follow-up 12/10/09: USA Today reports that 16 people have died in this weather event. Times & Post still have their heads in the snow. 

December 7, 2009


The U. N. Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen will produce a carbon footprint of biblical proportions. 1,200 limousines and 140 private aircraft will be fouling the air around the Danish capitol while shuttling attendees to and fro. Because the local airports can't handle the flying polluters en masse, many of the planes must park as far away as Sweden and shuttle back to Copenhagen spewing a trail of poison as they go. Of the 200 limo's of Copenhagen's largest fleet, five are hybrids.

While studying the rigged climate data and a Cap-and-Trade (Tax ) plan that overlooks diesel-driven shipping (Denmark's mainstay industry) as a polluter, the doom-fearing nitwits are expelling a volume of CO2 that equals that of 60 small countries combined according to a New York Post report. Such unfathomable hypocrisy exhibited by this band of nerds is embarrassing even to the distant on-looker.

If the sky is indeed falling, may it fall on Copenhagen first.