November 6, 2010


High in the lofty bully pulpit of Club Ned, I have been restrained in my ranting in recent months, but there comes a time when one must discharge his discontent.

President Obama and an entourage of thousands began their visit to India by proudly announcing a $10 billion trade deal with the host country. Even though the deal had long been made, it was pitched to justify the costly junket which some say will set the taxpayers back $2 billion. No wonder, with an armada of 40 aircraft, 34 warships, an aircraft carrier, and a supporting cast of thousands. Put ‘em all up in 5-star hotel rooms, and this is way more than Michelle's Spanish summer sojourn!

Ignored in the press is the treacherous trail left by the carbon footprint of the emitting emissaries. To put it in perspective, the cost for a 2-day fling in Mumbai: 17,648,000,000 rupees. How many trees must perish to provide the printed paper? How much can the ozone layer take from such an egregious expedition?

So, the trade deals will span several years, and the trade trip ten days. If you do the math, the prohibitive price of the touting trip amounts to likely more than one-half the gross profit of the entire trade deal – all blown up front!

So what we now have is trickling trade to pay for prior precipitous pissing-away of decimated dollars, much of which will be left with Indian hoteliers and caterers.

Meanwhile, back in the greatest nation on Earth, 14% of the populace pays with food stamps, and 10% of the work force sits unwillingly idle. .