April 2, 2004


Be What You Want to Be

Gender Now Arbitrary


††††††††††† Of Californiaís 1,425 school districts, a lone district in Orange County today has chosen to abide by the laws of nature instead of the state edict.Voting 3-2 to reject compliance with a 1999 state law that provided protection of transgender students from discrimination, the Westminster Board opined that the law is immoral and promotes transsexuality.Statistically, this indicates that one-half of one percent of the school boards possesses the good sense to recognize idiocy with sufficient intensity to bring attention to the matter.


††††††††††† Thatís right!Boys who want to be girls and vice versa receive special protection under the law.Gender is thereby determined by declaration rather than traditional methods of confirmation.Discrimination, forbidden by the law, might include such things as exclusion from showers and dressing rooms based upon perceived rather than chosen gender.Students may opt for showering with the gender with which they feel most comfortable.Itís the law!


††††††††††† In a world gone mad, sexual preference is one thing, but to legislate that gender, a physiological given, is elective defies the laws of God and man.The state Superintendent of Public Instruction threatened the board to comply with state laws and chided , "Do not victimize the very people you claim you are serving."


††††††††††† Being blessedly non-Californian, one can only peek over the fence and observe.Itís not a matter for those beyond the bounds of the Golden State.Observation, though, carries an implied privilege of commentary, and it becomes impossible to have knowledge of this matter without bursting forth an opinion.


††††††††††† The Legislators who passed such a law should, upon application for re-election, be required to declare their elective gender and then drop their drawers in order that voters might know the rest of the story.


††††††††††† But we cannot discriminate!Make every candidate, after declaration of their gender option, pull down his, hers, or its pants on the courthouse steps.Arranged in logical groupings, the ceremony could be chronicledby television news coverage.This done, the voters can then decide who will set down the laws that mold the future of society.


-Ned Cheever