Shortly after this picture was taken, this trio was overtaken by attendants in white coats using butterfly nets to restrain the rain men who are alleged to have escaped from a nearby asylum.

(Photo from the front page of the Texarkana Gazette, 2/13/2007)
A fourth suspected escapee was found hiding behind a tree to avoid being photographed.  Reportedly, that suspect is a high ranking officer of the federal court system in Texarkana.
Confession being good for the soul, I must confess that the tall fellow in the photo is my brother-in-law.  Not surprisingly, his sister suffers similar mental maladies.

Investigation continues.



Re:  Escapees Captured


The cleansing of the falling rain becomes self-evident.  One officer of the court has come forward to quickly deny any involvement in “Water Gait” as depicted in my submission of yesterday.  The respondent rather defensively claimed to not be the one hiding behind a tree, and volunteered an alibi that could only be corroborated by the person’s spouse. 
A spousal alibi doesn’t hold much water in court, but in this trivial matter there is no reason to precipitate doubt.


We are troubled that the honorable one admits to being cozily situated at home in the dry while the bewildered trekkers sloshed about in the downpour.  While a burgeoning docket swells awash with cases, official duties are displaced by more casual endeavor, and on the taxpayers’ clock to boot.  But alas, such is the way of those who water at the public troughs.


The asylum mentioned in the drizzly piece, is, according to the solon, most likely an old folks home, judging from the apparent ages of the “Water Gators” that graced the front page of the newspaper.


Such insensitivity dampens the spirits of those of an age equal to, or greater than, the rainy day strollers.


If I’m all wet, I retract any statements that may have cast a cloud over the issue.