The Filly Golf Tournament

It was our pleasure this past Saturday to participate in the Northridge Country Club Filly Golf Tournament.  The format requires one female golfer to somehow entice three males (stallions) to join her team.  Sara Huckabee was the siren who lured me to her side, along with her husband, Billy, and Big Head Larey.

Stevie Brine, a loser in the event, made an insightful observation about our team on the first tee.  He said, "Instead of three stallions, it looks like this filly's got two geldings and a Shetland pony."  Despite of Brine's caustic evaluation, the team finished in Second Place in the Gross Score category at 10 under par.  The winners, at 13 under, are suspected cheats.

In the course of play we took the liberty of shooting candid photos of the action to preserve for posterity this auspicious event.  In our recapitulation of this work, a swing sequence of the Team Queen was assembled for future analysis and review.  To wit:

On Sunday we learned that a principal the Texarkana Golf Ranch, who must remain unnamed, owing to his fame and position in the golf world, would be in town that day. He is a coach and mentor of some of the most successful professional players in the game.

We stopped by the Golf Ranch to solicit his critique of the photo sequence of Sara's golf swing.  The pro was kind enough to peruse the photographs with a slow and careful eye. 

After a brief moment to collect his thoughts, he handed the photos back and said, "She's got a nice ass."