With cases of Bird Flu and Mad Cow Disease, are on the increase, the Environmental Protection Agency through a joint effort with the Center for Disease Control has issued new protective clothing guidelines for agricultural workers:

Also addressed in the guidelines are additional health hazards such as Swine Flu, Cow Pox, and Chicken Pox to which workers in the agricultural sector are vulnerable.

Protective gear is being placed strategically along the Mexican border in order that illegal aliens may avail themselves of the suits upon entry into the U.S.  Suits are provided fee of cost to the workers, but the EPA estimates that the savings in the use of public health facilities by infected workers will save $750 billion over the next ten years.  Cost of the protective suits is about $800 per unit, thus the cost of the budgeted ten million suits is only $8 billion.  The suits are supplied the Halliburton Corp. under an exclusive joint contract with the EPA and CDC.

Democrats have lauded the action as being a humanitarian milestone for the administration, while chicken farmers and cattlemen oppose the guidelines and vow to challenge the matter in the courts.