Notta Wannabe Huckabee


The guy in the limelight is Billy,

Who plays golf, often drinks and acts silly,

But in matters of grasses,

And hard to please asses,

He comes to the forefront. Heís a dilly!


But the twilight of his life is beginning,

He plays golf, but he does it without winning,

Heís getting so old,

(and so I am told),

That heís fast losing his touch at sinning!


Letís give a toast to Olí Huck,

Give a card, maybe slip him a buck,

For he canít last much longer,

He is weaker, not stronger,

And his singing continues to suck!


Itís a milestone, the four score of years,

And a time to start facing the fears,

Of dysfunctional erections,

And doctors inspections,

What the hell. Hereís to you, Billy. Cheers!