Anarchy and chaos are stripping hope of relief from the most terrible disaster of modern times in  America.  Looters and brigands freely roam the streets and waterways of New Orleans taking what they wish and imposing their will by force upon others.

Rescue of those of great need and misfortune is impeded by the actions of the insurgent forces which dominate the confines of  this venerable city.  Misfortune has overtaken all of that city, and good people will suffer, even perish, because these lawless bands are allowed to control this period of chaos.

There can be no punishment of greater severity imparted by law upon these unfortunate criminals than their present state.  They have no home, no food, no water, no clothing, and no dry place to sleep.  It is this hopeless torment that has driven them to their despicable crimes.

Irrespective of this tragic plight, social order dictates that even in times of hopelessness and despair, noble actions are those that bring improvement of the untenable circumstances that we see in New Orleans today.  Lawlessness cannot be excused.

Insurgents in Iraq prey upon our soldiers each day, sniping, killing, and bombing.  These elements are dealt with harshly with response in kind.

The time has come for our Government to declare martial law and kill any and all who take up arms against their government or their fellow man.  Since these domestic insurgents cannot be punished by incarceration, there can be no other effective means of arresting their hostile behavior.

Without food and water, these looters of today could easily become tomorrow’s cannibals.  They must be eliminated either by death, or the threat of same, for the sake of the thousands of victims who wish to return to civilized existence.