Austin, Texas June 19, 2002 (AP)  A trio of middle-aged Texarkana men was arrested here at about 11:00 PM and charged with public intoxication.  The three, wearing bell-bottomed trousers, bandanas, and tie-died tee shirts bearing the peace sign, were plucked from the crowd at a rock concert featuring aging artists from a bygone era.  The police report notes that the three were acting abnormally, making excessive noise, and giving the general impression that they were “tripping.”  As the trio shrieked and jumped about, patrons withdrew from around them and summoned police to the scene at the concert site.   A lunch-sized cooler containing Koolade and mushrooms was confiscated in the bust.


Apparently meaning to greet the policemen with “Hi, how are you?” the leader of the group inadvertently said “How high are you?” to the arriving patrolmen.  Arrest quickly followed.


Police subjected the three to a series of tests to determine the cause of their abhorrent behavior.   Sources within the police department indicate a strong possibility that the hippies may have been under the influence of a mind-altering substance.  LSD and psilocybin rank high on the list as possible illegal chemicals known to induce the behavior exhibited by the men.


Medical sources say that residual LSD can remain in the body for many years in a dormant state, only to be called up by a euphoric experience.  In this case it is suspected that the nostalgic music of Todd Rundgren and Jethro Tull wafting through the air may have stimulated this resuscitation of the drug from its dormant state.


Released on bond, the maturing flower children flashed the peace sign to waiting reporters as they were spirited away to their automobile, a new Lincoln, apparently borrowed from a Texarkana dealership.


Names of the men are being withheld pending notification of their parents.

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