August 29, 2009


It was four years ago today that Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans. In the following days and weeks all manner of human suffering was viewed by those on higher ground via television. People drowned, people died in holding areas, homes were filled with slimy water, flat-screen TVís were looted, and the grand piano from the Sheraton Hotel lobby on Canal Street was carried out by looters as the manager watched from the mezzanine.

Lawlessness prevailed. Responsible, hard-working parents had to steal to provide the basic necessities of life for their families. Food and water became currency. Life reverted to a primitive order. Later, help came and order restored.

Things are better today, but the wounds have not fully healed. Neighborhoods still lie desolate. Friends and family remain missing. Pictures, writings, souvenirs, all the keepsakes of a lifetime, have been lost forever.

A hundred years from now, Katrina will be the subject of many different tales and historical accounts. Only those who lived through Katrina, however, will truly know the full weight of this monumental disaster.