Texarkana, TX 12/25/00 (Reuters)


In an act of magnanimous sacrifice, Max Vaughn has risen above all men as the most generous giver of gifts this season.  Unselfish and ever-caring, the warm hearted Buzzard bestowed upon the base and undeserving Mike “Bozo” Rogers a gift which transcends simple kindness.


For many years Rogers has languished over Vaughn’s wardrobe, enviously wishing that he might someday have such garb of his own.  In particular, the Ocean Pacific corduroy shorts, circa 1968, have long held the eye of little Mikey.  Finally, this Christmas was to be the one to bring finality to the unrequited yearning of the poor Irishman.


As if to give the shirt off his back, Max Vaughn, with his heart opened wide, laid upon the doorstep of Roger’s modest home a gift of the ages.  In the clever guise of Santa Claus, Vaughn passed the hallowed shorts on to Mike Rogers, to have and to hold from this day forth.


A debut of the revered sportswear will likely be at the Snowbird Tournament, albeit with long handles providing warmth beneath the style and flair of the O.P.’s. 


Houston, the Buzzard has landed.