Passing of the Mantle


The time has come to pass the mantle of leadership, a dunce cap, from the Jab to the Boze.  Indeed the inimitable Bozo has finally unseated Jabber as king of misdeeds.


After being left for dead at their supper table by the long-suffering Bozette, Bozo took a convoluted excursion to a nearby port city to amuse himself.  After becoming so amused that he could no longer continue, doubtless by order of the management of the amusement facility, he somehow returned to the home port.  Seeking asylum (a fitting term) first at a Ham residence where the tenants were preparing to leave for church, Bozo took to the phone, desperately seeking safe harbor.  After pillaging the Ham’s liquor larter, the Boze set upon Club Ned.


After being talked down, much as would the fabled passenger aboard a pilotless plane, Bozo landed at Club Ned.  There he was denied entrance and forced to seek other shelter.


It was then that he arrived at the Jabber house where, fatigued and whisky-laden, he chose to snooze in the car.  Fearful that he might inadvertently take off again, Bozette was summoned to spirit him safely back to their love nest.


At last report neither billing nor cooing could be heard emanating from the aforementioned nest.


August 14, 2000