May 12, 2011

Our Man

Most of us know what to expect in life, but we usually tend to dream beyond those expectations.  Billy Huckabee is one of those folks whose values are real, and his dreams stray only just past that reality.

Huck endeared himself to a multitude of folks in his years as Golf Course Superintendent at Northridge Country Club in Texarkana, Texas.  He was a player, a social member, and a friend.  He has moved on to The LInks at Land's End in Yantis, Texas, but he still stands tall in his former home.

In the May newsletter of the North Texas Chapter of the National Golf Course Superintendents Association, Huckabee is profiled and submitted to a battery of questions ranging from "What do you find to be the biggest challenge facing your profession today?" to "What do you do in your spare time?"  His answers define the man who is loved by those who have come to know him.

One of the questions was "Who would be in your dream foursome, and where would you play?".  Any golfer would expect a scattering of names like Palmer, Couples, and Woods.  He could pick any great players, living or dead.  After all, this is a Dream Team!

Huck's reply:   "Mike Rogers, Errol Friedman, Ned Cheever, and Sonny Brainerd on The Old Course. You'd just have to know 'em!"

This pulls at one's heartstrings to have made the short list.  He named four names to join him in the for the foursome, possibly exempting Rogers, who is no longer with us.  But, in a Dream scenario, anything goes.  We'll play a fivesome at the Old Course!  I'll bet old Tom Morris would likely look the other way.

The last two entries in the Q&A tell all.

Q.  Where do you see yourself in ten years?

A.  Hopefully right where I'm at.

Q.  If you had the chance to change careers and do something different, what would it be?

A.  I have no idea ... I've never done anything else and this was all I've ever wanted to do.

Billy Huckabee is his own man, but he's our man, too!