Fed 22, 2006


U.S. Ports Paralyzed by Islamic Protesters


The ports of New York, New Jersey, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Miami, and New Orleans were closed today, shut down by protesting Islamic radicals who chanted anti-American slogans and set fire to the port facilities.  The object of the protest is a political cartoon appearing in various newspapers around the U.S. of a Muslim stereotype bribing stevedores as they unload atomic bombs at U.S. ports.


Fearing reprisals, Danish newspapers declined to run the cartoon.


Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff has apologized for the cartoon, calling it insensitive and disrespectful of the Muslim culture.  Chertoff also begged that the ports be reopened. 


Officials of the Dubai-owned Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company, operating contractor of the ports, refused to meet with Chertoff who is Jewish.  Instead a Fatwa was issued calling for Chertoff to be beheaded should he appear at any of the ports.


President Bush has vowed to veto any legislation that would suspend the operating contractor's authority.



Feb 19, 2006


U.S. Selects Fox to Guard Henhouse


Which of the following statements are true?


1.                  The United Arab Emirates is a known source of financing and logistical support for the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

2.                  Two of the 9-11 hijackers made their homes in the United Arab Emirates.

3.                  Mohammed Atta, an Egyptian, held citizenship in the United Arab Emirates.

4.                  The royal family of the United Arab Emirates has close ties to Osama Bin Laden.

5.                  Osama Bin Laden is known to have made extended visits to the United Arab Emirates.

6.                  The 9-11 Report mentions the United Arab Emirates 26 times.


The answer:  All of the above.


Imagine, if you will, placing our nation’s major ports under the control of a company owned by the government of the United Arab Emirates.  Although well-intentioned and predisposed with righteous thoughts, the UAE mother lode will control the staffing and management of the ports – our ports.  How easy would it be for those sympathetic to terrorist causes to infiltrate the controlling organization?


UAE claims to be our pal, but truth is not a Middle Eastern virtue.  Although The UAE and Saudi Arabia vow to be our staunch allies, they consistently walk both sides of the street.  In the end, blood is thicker than water, and if blood is shed, it will be ours.


Free trade is one thing.  Protectionism is another.  Protectionism in this usage is protecting our people and our future generations from predictable death and destruction at the hands of savage terrorists.