November 22, 2009


So that's what it is! For time eternal the cause and effect of world's oldest profession have been the subjects of learned study. Now, it can be told: Climate change causes prostitution.

Some outfit called GMA News has audaciously published a report to this effect, laying open the wounds of mankind. As a bonus, the article offers five points to mitigate climate change and overpopulation. 

OK, climate change makes me hot! Let's focus on the part that proves that whores are the by-products of global warming. 

“Climate change could reduce income from farming and fishing, possibly driving some women into sex work and thereby increase HIV infection," the article states, ". . . In the Philippines, small brothels usually pop up near the coastal areas where many women perform sexual services for transient seafarers.  "

No kidding? Whorehouses located near sailors' ports of call? What a novel idea! These idiots are probably funded by a Government Grant.

Did this never happen before the average temperature dropped two degrees over a couple of hundred years - the period identified as that of Global Warming? Do female polar bears find themselves forced to flaunt themselves for fish? Is it possible that the ever-increasing cloud of methane gas causes a delirium, leading to the wayward life?

Climate has changed since the beginning of time, and prostitution has existed as a profession, if not an industry, in tandem with that timeline. Within that time-honored area of endeavor the only thing that changes is the price.