March 25, 2010


For those not versed in things mechanical, a ratchet is a device that allows a wheel or shaft to advance incrementally, but not retreat. With each “click” of the ratchet, the advancing member comes ahead to rest at a point from which there is no return, barring a complete release of all mechanical constraint.
Americans are caught in a ratcheting society that moves ever closer to a totalitarian government. From Social Security came Medicare; from Medicare, Medicaid, the Great Society, entitlements abound, and so on. Never retreating, our motion has set a trend of predictable results. No one, it seems, has the power to stop this runaway train.

Generations of people rely solely upon the government for food, shelter, clothing, transportation, education, and, of course, health care. These people are caught up in the net that our government casts wider and wider. Soon, all will be beholden to the government for our most basic needs.

Until our plight becomes obvious enough for Everyman to recognize the theft of his liberty, our shackles will be drawn tighter, and our chains shortened. Once the point of intolerance has been reached, some sort of rebellious action will be required to unlatch the ratchet of drifting governmental aims, and restore our freedom.

When the Clintons were humping Health Care, the big joke was that the government-controlled health system would have the efficiency of the Post Office and the compassion of the IRS. That was funny then, but it’s not now.

Enter the IRS, the most despised of governmental inventions, to become the Health Care Police. In order to enforce the draconian law of Health Care, a work about as succinct as the Internal Revenue Code, the IRS logically should rise to the need. Muscled up with a fresh new force of collectors and auditors, the IRS will be able to trounce roughshod over business owners, peering upon their records through a magnifying glass, assessing fines, even jailing those who are non-compliant with the unilateral edict of the Democrats.

Corrective action need not be violent, but rather an exercise of our inalienable rights as citizens to control our own destiny. Repeal of the Health Care Bill would be a powerful example, but there are not enough willing hands to lift the bar that holds the ratchet in place. A better chance might lie in the funding of 159 new bureaucracies spawned by the ugliest legislation in history. Without funding, the wheels stop turning.

Perhaps those who still champion the fundamental concept of freedom can invent a solution.

The New Deal was bad, but the Big F*****g Deal is much worse. We are no longer inching toward socialism; we are accelerating to that goal – and beyond. The ratchet is not just clicking any more. It emits a grinding hum as we speed along a path that has left previous civilizations in ruins. The annoying timbre is maddening.

It’s not so much the Health Care Bill, but the trend toward heavy-handed rule by a body that was ordained to act for the people, not upon the people. It’s the steady drift that is ominous. This awful bill is just another notch in the gunstock. It is a major click of the ratchet.

History cannot teach those who do not listen, and the United States Government is not listening – either to history, or to its people.

Joe Biden was right. This is a Big F*****g Deal.