April 5, 2010


Now freed of the burden of gainful employment, I quickly moved into the back yard to pursue my interest in matters of home and garden. Assisting me was my loving wife, Mary Lynn, whom I sought to educate to better serve the needs of our household.
Day 1 was spent planting flowers in the 40+ vessels that dot our patio/yard/garden area. Ms. Cheever performed famously, digging, poking, fertilizing, watering, and scooting the heavy pots about. Not wishing to impede her progress, I held my presence to the shadows from which I carried water for her. Multiple trips to the garden center were fulfilled by the devoted husband to supply her with the requisite 14 bags of potting soil. No opportunity was spared for me to offer encouragement to my busy spouse. She later prepared scrumptious fare for us, which I must say was quite pleasing both in taste and presentation.

Day 2 was mostly an orientation of the water needs of the various flowers and plant - when to water, how much, and so on. Also a lengthy session was devoted to the use of hand tools, and area in which, I must say, the Missus lacks fundamental skills. After a critique of her work, we retired inside for her to prepare our evening meal. Once again, a delightful meal was fully enjoyed.

Day 3 filled quickly with the use of power tools, basic agronomy, horticulture, and garden science in general. Working late into the evening, our work progressed nicely, and at the climax, I ruled the Lady of the House to be a fully rated Novice with the use of manual and powered yard and garden gear. As the sun inched its way from the sky, I put my arm around Mary Lynn and told her that I was pleased with her progress. Citing the need to improve my ailing golf game, I seized the moment to bestow upon her the honor of being solely in charge of all outdoor yard and garden operations.

I will report again next week.