Underscoring the C Word - Britney's Unbearable Baring

This is the photo that has paralyzed all media outlets for the last few days.  The picture was found on a web site that cleverly forced me to watch a Hanes underwear video commercial before allowing entry.

Britney Spears shown here indelicately exiting a car and revealing not only her erstwhile most private part, but her caesarian section scar as a bonus.  No pardon was begged for the faux pas according to voyeurs on the scene.

Apparently Ms. Spears dressed hurriedly, absent-mindedly failing to complete the process before stepping out on the town with white trash pals, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

These antics are a far cry from the famous Marilyn Monroe dress blow-up that was sensationalized by the press some forty-five years ago.

I found the Hanes commercial to be tastefully provocative in stark contrast to Ms. Spears' monkey shine.