June 20, 2010

To the Editor:

The reek of arrogance permeates the city chambers much as would a dead possum in the attic. The City Council seeks the ouster of Josh Davis because he doesn't "gee-haw" to the wishes of Larry Sullivan in lockstep with "Larry's Lackeys". Disrespecting the two-to-one majority given Davis in the election, the Council moves stealthily to unseat the sole voice of reason in the hall.Davis' election bespeaks a contrarian view to the role of the Council carrying water for Dr. Sullivan. It is the spoken will of the people to break up this playhouse, yet such bears no weight with the spineless yes-men who betray their hollow pledge to serve our interests.

Our Council cannot serve two masters, thus it has chosen to kowtow to the City Manager and not those who cast their ballots for them. Carrying water for the City Manager is not within the scope of their charge, and allowing him to range unbridled is a dereliction of duty.

As Sullivan grows power unchecked by any procedural means, we see the transition of manager to czar, much like the transition of Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde. Perhaps it was Riverbend water in that beaker from which the rogue Jekyll partook to pursue his sinister deeds.

Patiently the Council awaits the order of Dr. Sullivan to step forward and drink his Kool-Aid.

Ned Cheever

Texarkana, TX