June 27, 2009


While media coverage of Michael Jackson's death pushed more weighty matters to page six, the Democrats were stirring their witches brew.

The huge climate change bill was pushed through the house so quickly that the general public only got a glimpse of it in passing. The House members fared little better. The 1,200-page document, said to be the largest tax increase in U. S. history, was not even read in the House chamber in its entirety, nor was a copy of the entire bill available in the chamber for reference. $254 billion in earmarks were included, although the Obama administration had vowed to cut these things out after they got the pork-laden TARP billed passed.

Moving at warp speed, the House voted 219-212 in favor of the controversial measure.

Hopefully, the Senate will have more time to ponder the consequences of this preposterous s