July 29, 2010



Scurrying like rats to find out who leaked 76,000 secret classified documents to Wiki Leaks, the military has once more sounded to the bottom in a monumental covering of asses.

Who leaked all this secret stuff? A Private First Class in the United States Army. That's right, an E-4 exposed to the world 76,000 secrets, many of which compromise the welfare of our troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

But wait a minute? A 22-year-old PFC has access to this wealth of critical intelligence?  Something is wrong here, and the truth is far from becoming as accessible as our strategic secrets.

Who is this guy's boss?

Who set up the standards for access to secret intelligence?

Who is in charge of compliance with the controls of secret intelligence?

Who, in fact, is in control, period?

It becomes patently clear that a 22-year-old PFC is taking the rap for a horde of incompetent military officers far and away up the food chain.

I am reminded of a couple of hackneyed classics:

   Only in the Army is incompetence rewarded by promotion.

   Oxymoron: Military Intelligence.

Don't be surprised if this master spy is sentenced to die for his crimes. That way the secrets die with him.