Cheever's Law of Diminishing Readership and other proclamations


If one writes from a single point of view on matters social, political, or religious, he will, with each successive article, lose from future audiences those who are offended or dissatisfied , to the extent that eventually only one will remain.

 Having achieved this total diminution, this writer now writes solely for himself.

Folks often ask me about joining Club Ned.  An official enrollment is not necessary here.  Club Ned is a state of mind, requiring only a simple, unforgettable act of foolish or immoderate behavior for admission. Once you've become marked as a social liability, membership is endowed without further action on your part.  We don't have to keep a list, because society does it for us.  If you have thrown up on your date, tried to make out with your spouse's sibling, passed out at a dinner party, or have been eighty-sixed popular bar, you have already gained membership.

Welcome jerks, pariahs, schlemiels, clowns, saps, and losers.  You'll fit right in.  There is no secret handshake.  We'll know right away if you're a Club Nedster.